Valentine’s Day 2017

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It was a wild but wonderful day. Friends, parties, treats, watching the Tulsa Opera, riding the bus, rain (which means, no playground recess).

We started the day by passing out our Valentine’s. There was a bit of confusion on putting Valentine’s IN the bags and not taking them OUT of the bag. Some of the kids were a tad ruffled at the fact someone was removing their treats from their bags! I told the kids it was just a mistake and that today was exciting and kind of crazy. One of my students replied with “yeah, this is the kind of day that can make you lose your mind.”

Preach, kid. Preach.

New Year 2017

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I don’t make NY resolutions. I’ve never really found any motivation to keep doing any of them. Instead I choose to focus on a word. The word “serve” has been repeatedly popping up. Nearly every week, over the past 4-5 months I have seen/heard it; in my bible reading, a study, a lesson or just in speaking to a friend. This is my goal for 2017. Serve. In whatever way God will use me, I will listen for His direction and I will serve.


Storage fees

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When your daughter is going to a NY party and she’s making food to take but she trusts no one in the house not to eat or drink the goods…you get notes. Lots of notes.

James later came in and added a price tag to each note. He told her they were “storage fees”. She owes us about $40.


Merry Christmas 2016!

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Merry Christmas! This pic is a perfect representation of our daily life. The struggle is real, y’all.